Venezia- Italy Part 2

Mamma Mia, it's cold here in the ATL, and I'm dreaming of days in the Bel Paese.  Who want's to reminisce with me?  ANDIAMO...!

My husband was born 50 years ago in Venice, and for his big birthday last June, I thought it would be fun to take him back there. We all had the time of our lives.  Lorenzo dreams of retiring there someday....twist my arm!

I'll live here.

Or maybe here...getting fancy.

 Peek-a-boo paninoteca for a little snack.

We explored all of the off the beaten paths.

And walked miles each day.


Big smiles all of the time. Love. Love.

And lots of dress up. (See, there are the tourists.)

Historical Cafe' Florian for prosecco.

 San Marco mosaic detail.

Palazzo Ducale

Gorgeous marble.

Gondole at dusk.

 We were standing on a bridge as a tornado hit the Grand Canal.

And then the sun came out. I love linens hanging out of windows.

 Gondola secret: ride for 50 cents a person from the Accademia to Guggenheim.

 We found this cherub in a back alley.

 We told Luca they used to hide misbehaving bambini in these wells. Worked like a charm:)

 A gondola workshop in Dorsoduro. This was our favorite island...only locals here...and Sting.

 This is an iphone pic!!

 Going on an adventure for Babbo's birthday...

 Luca looking very Italian (did you know many Venetians are blonde?) in Piazza San Luca.

 Stopping for a drink.

 Playing ding-dong-ditch (seriously)! The best doorbell ever!!

 Sorpresa! A surprise reunion with 6 of his cousins and their families for dinner.  He literally bumped into Cousin Davide walking over the bridge. It still brings tears to my eyes.

 Making a wish at the Guggenheim.

 Hanging at the Guggenheim. Peggy used to scandalize aristocratic locals while sunbathing in a bikini on her Grand Canale terrace. Gotta love a free-spirited American gal.

 One of the few family pictures, even if I'm not loving my ensemble. Who am I kidding in the mumu after two weeks of extreme indulgence?

 B loved Klee.

 And this work in neon.

Thanks for hanging with me. Part Three will take us to the beach in Toscana...if you missed Part One, click here.

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.



Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Lisa, great photos. Both times I have been it was bad weather. It is nice seeing sunny photos and what a handsome family y'all are.

Lisa Gabrielson said...

Time to go back then Kim! Thanks so much for your comment! Hope to see you soon:)

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