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Most of you know that I wear many hats. One of the things that keeps me busy is running an antiques booth. I love this facet of my job because it allows me to be creative on MY terms. Since I love so many different styles and color combinations, this gives me an outlet to explore things that I don't necessarily have at home, or have a client requesting. 

I have had the booth at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta for six years, and have yet to pin down a's ever-changing!  I buy what I love, and then figure out how it will fit into the scheme of things later. The process is always organic, and often therapeutic. Here is a little taste of what is currently for sale at Lisa Gabrielson Design...

The LONG, COLD winter must have influenced this explosion of color...
Antique marble topped turquoise chest with original hardware (295.00). It would be great as a bedside table, in a small foyer, a large bathroom... Here, you also see a glimpse of a vintage Italian ceramic lamp and Italian tole tray.

60" round pine table with carved base (1,500.00). These call for linen slip covered chairs. Elegant, yet rustic, with just the right touch of drama and understated class.

I love stacked trunks! Think coffee table, or bedside table. These are both antique...probably tool boxes. The bottom one has a cool crusty zinc top. Both are well under 100.00.

 Give me a grid of botanicals any day! These came from a vintage book of Audubon prints (16.00/ea). Chinoiserie is hot now, and I love it in small doses, like this oversized lamp in pink, blue and green. The antique clock body has it's original seeded glass and has been outfitted with shelves and Paris Grey paint. This would be gorgeous at the end of a hallway, or in a bathroom displaying small bottles and antique linen guest towels.

 Fern pillow, vintage slipped chair, and funky ottoman/stool in blue ticking.

 More Chinoiserie in this daybed/sofa. At 250.00 this is a great piece for a sunroom or starter apartment with a funky bohemian flair. The pillows are custom. I always carry a large selection of these in different patterns and color ways.

I am always on the hunt for one-of-a-kind smalls. The coal bucket with original paint on the left has such charm.  The American Family Scale on the right would be fab in a modern white kitchen, loaded with fruits and veggies.

As an art history major, I adore vintage original art. Many designers consider my booth their go-to source for affordable, off beat paintings and prints. Don't be afraid of a salon style display for your art!

This 1930's still life has such pretty pinks...

 Wouldn't it be great paired with gray and white, with a hint of raspberry?

I am aslo a sucker for great lighting.... It will always be one-of-a-kind and usually funky.

The console was made from reclaimed PA siding in the perfect original shade of blue.

The marble top was covered in gold paint. It was stripped to reveal a beautiful honed surface. I love how the patina still shows through on the edges.

Please let me know if you would like more info on anything you have seen here.

And enjoy the Spring...finally, folks!


Details at Home-Part 2

We are house bound for a few days, and since we still have power, I am playing with pictures. This is Part 2 of a feature on details in decorating; the little things that make a big difference.  (If you missed Part One, click HERE.)

Below, are several shots of our master bedroom and bathroom. The antique pieces are dark wood and iron, but the creamy walls, white linen, foxed mirrors and curvy lines keep it from looking too heavy and traditional. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse. 

Stay tuned for Part 3, and stay warm! Spring is just around the corner, believe it or not.

Little Boxes on the Hillside

Do you know this song written in 1962 by Malvina Reynolds?

Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There's a green one and a pink one 
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And the people in the houses
All went to the university,
Where they were put in boxes
And they came out all the same,
And there's doctors and lawyers,
And business executives,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

And they all play on the golf course
And drink their martinis dry,
And they all have pretty children
And the children go to school,
And the children go to summer camp
And then to the university,
Where they are put in boxes
And they come out all the same.

And the boys go into business
And marry and raise a family
In boxes made of ticky tacky 
And they all look just the same.
There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

Sound familiar? Those of us in suburbia can probably all relate to these lyrics.  In the land of urban sprawl, subdivisions, and big box retailers, I crave individuality.  Some people in my boat might dye their hair a strange color, run away to Brazil with an Italian boyfriend, become an obsessive triathlete, spend too much money on fancy cars, or a myriad of other things that would not be politically correct of me to mention in this format.

I live in a subdivision in the suburbs. I also live in the most popular model built in my subdivision, which is named after the subdivision itself. How's that for originality? Since we tend to spend a lot of time at home in this culture, I have tried to create an oasis of originality behind our closed doors.
Design is how I leave my mark, it's how I feed my soul, it's what keeps me from blending in. It's the layers and the textures, the history, the colors and mostly, for me, the details.

Here is a highlight of some of those details, and proof that even a cookie cutter home can become something unique and special....your own.

 Antique Italian chair, faded and chipped to perfection, found at Scott's. Fringe and button trim applied to shade on marble lamp.

Collection of food cloches in the kitchen.

Antique corbels under kitchen counter.

 My daughter's first shoes on a pedestal in the office.

 Estate sale green leather chair and Swedish shoe lasts.

 A trio of prints hang in an Italian farm window.

Layers on the floor and on the daybed.

On a writing desk in the living room, I keep a tray of Italian memorabilia: vintage love letters, paper weights, letter openers, stamp box.

Family room bookshelves.

Old iron brackets make a visual archway between the living and dining room.

 The bar.

To be continued...

We are expecting the mother of all ice storms tomorrow. Be safe, and charge those phones!


2014 Design Trends-Part 2

First of all, thank you to all of you who commented on my last post. Out of an abundance of caution, I decided to delete it, so your comments were lost:(   Please know that I read all of them, and REALLY appreciate your support and kind words!

Today I am posting Part 2 of the interview I gave on 2014 Decorating Trends. If you missed Part 1, click here.  Thank you to Stefani and the Sherry & Maria Team at Keller Williams, for the opportunity!

Expert Advice From Interior Designer Lisa Gabrielson!

Lisa Gabrielson is an interior designer, antique dealer, blog writer and owner of Lisa Gabrielson Design. 

Lisa has a BA in Art History, and studied design in Florence, Italy, where she resided for 17 years. Her style is influenced by her time spent in Europe, and can be defined as, comfortable, fresh, “ timeless interiors with a European accent”.  Her work has been featured in Atlanta Magazine, The Cottage Journal, and Consumer Reports Kitchen Magazine,  with Kitchen and Bath Makeovers hitting the stands soon. She is a participating designer for Room Service Atlanta. Her antiques and vintage finds can be found at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta (dealer code LAG). Lisa lives with her husband Lorenzo, two children and golden retriever in Johns Creek, but travels back to Italy as much as possible.  Visit her website at for more information.

We recently had an opportunity to ask Lisa about the trends she sees for 2014.  This is the second of two blogs relaying the interview.

SANDMT: Where do you start?  
Lisa: I start with a home consultation to meet the client, see the space, and determine their needs and wants. Often times, the client will want to incorporate a special piece of art, or furniture into the room, which I will use as an inspirational point of reference to get the ball rolling. From there, I show them photos to get them excited and make sure we are on the same page. Once a style and color palate has been determined, I put together a plan that includes virtual and physical mood boards, a room layout, and samples. Then it’s presentation, installation, and accessorizing; the part I love the most since it’s what gives the space personality and uniqueness. 

SANDMT: How do you hire a decorator? By room? By project? By the hour?
Lisa: Each designer varies, but I have worked on whole house projects involving remodeling, individual room makeovers, or even at an hourly rate if the space just needs styling and finishing touches. Many clients start with one room, and as budget allows, will finish the rest of the house over time. Most designers will charge an hourly rate or a project fee, plus a mark up on product. 

SANDMT: What if you don't like the decorator's picks?  
Lisa: I work with my client to determine their needs and taste before I draw up a plan. We communicate a lot during the planning phase with inspirational photos and visual aids along the way. Most people have a hard time pinpointing exactly what they like, so pictures and websites like Pinterest and Houzz are wonderful tools to help narrow the guess work.  I will usually offer two or three choices to ensure that the client gets exactly what they love. Design contracts typically include one change, with a charge for subsequent changes. 

SANDMT: Are there "rules of thumb"s for different rooms?
Lisa: In the bedroom, I like to place the bed so you can see it as you walk in. The living room should have good flow, with multi-purpose, comfortable seating. Lighting is often overlooked. It is important to offer different types of lighting throughout the house to create the maximum ambiance: overhead recessed lighting on dimmers, fabulous chandeliers and pendants, wall sconces, table and floor lamps, and also task lamps for reading.  Most importantly, every room needs one thing of impact , whether it’s some great art, dramatic drapes, or over scaled lighting. This is what provides the wow factor! 
We hope these are helpful tips for you as you are doing spring cleaning, re-vamping your style, or getting ready to list your home.  As always, give us a call if you need any referrals.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend! 

All my best,

Realtors and Designers Teaming Up

I am truly grateful for the interview today by the Sherry & Maria Team, one of North Atlanta's top real estate teams. Recently, they asked me for feedback on current design trends.  You can read the article below, or click here to view their website.  (***I apologize to those who have already read this blog in it's entirety. I decided to edit out the non-p.c. parts)

Expert Advice From Interior Designer Lisa Gabrielson!


Lisa has a BA in Art History, and studied design in Florence, Italy, where she resided for 17 years. Her style is influenced by her time spent in Europe, and can be defined as, comfortable, fresh, “ timeless interiors with a European accent”.  Her work has been featured in Atlanta Magazine, The Cottage Journal, and Consumer Reports Kitchen Magazine,  with Kitchen and Bath Makeovers hitting the stands soon. She is a participating designer for Room Service Atlanta. Her antiques and vintage finds can be found at the Queen of Hearts in Alpharetta (dealer code LAG). Lisa lives with her husband Lorenzo, two children and golden retriever in Johns Creek, but travels back to Italy as much as possible.  Visit her website at for more information.

We recently had an opportunity to ask Lisa about the trends she sees for 2014.  We will look at her answers in two blogs.

SANDMT:  What are the current trends in decorating?
Lisa:  I am definitely seeing a shift to a more modern aesthetic in the home. Even if your taste is traditional, modern or transitional touches added in small doses will really update a space. In kitchens, white cabinets and open shelving are still going strong. The Urban Farmhouse look is hot right now and appeals to people of all generations, both in the city and in the suburbs. Also, wallpaper has made a massive comeback. Try using it in limited quantities: an accent wall in a dining room or bedroom, in a powder room, or on the ceiling in an unexpected spot!

SANDMT: Are there certain colors that are "in style”?
Lisa: Pretty neutrals are always in style, but to pull them off successfully, one needs lots of texture. Neutrals in the grey spectrum are in, while tones with a lot of yellow in them are out. Classic black and white is a striking combo, and happens to very trendy at the moment. Bright colors, vivid prints, indigo blues and lavender are all very hot right now.  Traditional dark reds and golds are a thing of the past.  I tend to use trendy colors in items such as pillows and drapes, that can be easily switched out as the fad passes. 

SANDMT: Do you have to do an overhaul or can you fine-tune an existing decor?Lisa: It really depends on the condition of the home, but I’d say most of my clients just want help updating a space. Usually, we can salvage some of the core furniture, and completely transform the look with paint, rugs and fabric.  Kitchens and baths are often in need of a more aggressive intervention.

SANDMT: What if you only have a small budget? 
Lisa: The most dramatic, least expensive update you can make is to change the paint color. Then I would suggest trying to repurpose as much furniture as possible. Tables, chairs and armoires can be painted for a fresh look, chairs can be slip covered, and throw pillows added for color and interest.  Lighting is also key. There are so many wonderful options out there for inexpensive, yet attractive lighting. A good decorator will work within your budget to map out a plan that fits your needs.

Stay Tuned For More.....

If you are a realtor, and would like help marketing your brand from a decorating point of view, please reach out. I am happy to help! The market is about to heat up around here, and homeowners are always interested in topics such as staging and styling, current trends, DIY decorating, and how to get the most bang for their buck. If you are a homeowner thinking about selling, I have a list of fabulous realtor friends in the area, and staging is one of my favorite things to do. Call me!

Atlanta's Antiquing Hot Spots

Kind of strange having "Atlanta" and "Hot" in the same phrase this week.  As a native Minnesotan, who learned to drive in the worst conditions, I assure you I have never experienced anything like this before. All in all, we fared pretty well this week, with just a little adventure in the ice and snow department...

 As the sun set, my son appeared to be spending the night at school along with his best friend, who's mother was stranded downtown. I decided to brave the roads skating rinks despite my husband's warnings (he was on another continent during all of this, btw). But I knew my son was hungry, and I felt so badly for relying on the bus to bring him home (after all, they were stuck in gridlock too). I finally arrived at school to learn that their bus had just left! I was three cars behind the bus on an icy hill, where a good samaritan was pushing each and every car over the hump, when the bus slipped off the road and got stuck. Thank goodness I was there! Mr. Bus Driver was relieved to say the least, and said, "Ma'am, just take 'em all!" They piled in, one on top of the other, and after Mr. Good Samaritan pushed us back up the hill, away we went. The kids were delivered to their families safe and sound, thankful to have a story to tell.

The boys spent the better part of the night sledding to their heart's content. But in all of that action, I forgot to ask the bus driver, if HE needed help. Our educators, administrators, bus drivers were handed a huge load of responsibility and frustration taking care of our children that day. Keeping them safe, making sure they went home with the right parents, keeping them calm and entertained... meanwhile, many of them were not able to connect with their OWN children. Thank you to all of you, for your loving dedication and care.

On to antiques....

If you are reading my blog, chances are you love antiquing as much as I do. Atlanta Magazine has just published a list of the best spots for treasure hunting. Join my friend, Sherry Hart, as she shares some of her favorite spots (and mine, too) in our city. We are so thrilled to have made the list! A big thank you goes to Lisa Mowry for the mention.

Click here to read the article.

Stay warm, and once the snow melts, don't forget to go antiquing!

Pillow Talk

Let's face it, girls love pillows!  I cherish a comfy, cozy home, and fewer things can render that better than fluffy down cushions in great fabric. I learned this from my mom. One of the easiest, quickest ways to revive a space is to change out the throw pillows.

Now I know some men have an aversion to them, but the men in my life have either:

a) been forced to love them, or risk divorce;)
b) grown up around them so they could hardly imagine life otherwise.

Yes, I've trained my son right (the ladies will thank me later). His kamakaze karate chops leave a perfect crease at the day's end. Warms my heart and makes me want to give him a kiss when I see him in action:) My husband? Well let's just say it was little late for karate chops by the time I came around...

Here is a sampling of pillow combos around the house and at the shop...

I like to mix patterns and textures, like the above assortment in our guest room.  There will always be a stripe in the mix (in fact, my daughter has labeled me a stripe-aholic), and some yummy texture. A little bit of bling is always fun too. I also like to mix high end with low end price points. The above check pillows are vintage, the passion flower and stripes are custom, the Mongolian lamb is from Home Goods, and the gold circle pillow is from Target.

 The above custom pillows in Sarah Richardson fabrics and ikat can be found in my booth at the Queen of Hearts, Alpharetta.

Above, custom floral linen pillows and a grass green ticking cushion for an antique deacon's bench in a client's kitchen.

I used these to style a photo shoot, but they ended up coming home with me...can't resist this blue!

How fabulous is this pieced chevron in blue and white linen?

This velvet and linen beauty by Lacefield is still a favorite.

There are so many enticing trims out there these days. The above pillows were made for the shop, but have since sold. (I can make more!)

The flame stitch in flame red and coral, combined with the crisp white basket weave linen and lattice trim is a showstopper! Here they are again, below, in a client's bedroom.

If modern and masculine is more your style, blanket plaid, window pane fabrics and leather work well together...
The above pillows are a combo of custom and Target. The grey plaid in the foreground was a Peacock Alley blanket from Tuesday Morning. We added the leather trim to give some masculinity to the space that functioned as an office and guest room.

My daughter's room, below, has an antique French monogrammed pillow with polka dots and silver sequins from TJ Maxx for a clean, but cozy look.
lauren rubinstein photography

Window pane, ethnic print, and solids for the library below.
jennifer kesler photography

 I covet these soft beach colors with a touch of animal found at Beau Interiors in Grayton Beach, FL.

Look how the branches are animal print here...a subtle way to incorporate the print if you are not ready to commit to a lot of leapord.

This was a Thanksgiving vignette that I did at the store....tapestry pheasants combined with modern navy tear drop.

 The above knit pillows were from Pottery Barn. The below beauties are hand knit in Lithuania by a little old lady, and available on Etsy.
Here is another one in charcoal alpaca wool.

More texture in our master...

Color and texture for the very traditional living room, below. he same print goes transitional in chocolate and white in following photo. (Lauren Rubinstein photography)

 Sometimes, less is more. Just one or two pretty ones, and that's all you need...
jennifer kesler photography

image via pinterest

Feel free to contact me if you are in need of a pillow makeover for your home, or if you would like quotes on anything you have seen here. Have a great week despite the snow from North to South!