Tutti Al Mare- Italy- Part 3

This is Part Three of my series on our trip back to Italy last summer.  You can catch Part One here and Part Two here.

When we lived in Florence, we would take day jaunts to the beach at Castiglione della Pescaia.

There are closer seaside towns to Firenze, but we fell in love with the seclusion and landscape of this little jem, situated about 2.5 hours away.  The drive there through Sienese and Maremman countryside is breathtaking,

...as is the first glimpse of the sea through bouganvilla and ginestra from up above.

(Above photos from Google Images)

 Our Ombrellone.

The beach club. They provide it all, and the fresh clam pasta and grilled sea bass lunch with vino frizzante is to die for.

 Inside, the bagno is situated at the end of the bay next to the rocky cliff, and very secluded.

The view from the other side: clean water, fine sand, no crowds.

 The town in the distance.

Love the Moroccan flair.

He sold me a "PRADA" for 30 Euros.

Her vintage shirt came from an antique store in Dahlonega.

Straight lines always attract me.

 Closing up shop, capturing lasting memories, and hoping we will be back before another 10 years pass.

Same place, one decade earlier. June 25, 2002. Luca turned one that day. Bianca turned 5 the day before.

 After the beach, we hit the town for a sandwich. Wild boar is a Maremman specialty.

 When we first moved to the US, Bianca was 9, and wondered why there weren't any piazza's with fountains in Atlanta. Alas, una fontana for B:)

 I love that there are benches scattered throughout Italian cities. Everyone is outdoors. Generations mix. Community is celebrated as a vital part of life in Italy.

 Shoes in baskets, and the preferred method of transportation.

Sunset in Maremma. Arrivaderci Castiglione.

Thank you for allowing me to divert from design for a bit...



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