Press Release - Holiday Cottage

I am very happy to announce that the Holiday Cottage magazine featuring our home has just hit the newsstands!

This is a special holiday edition of The Cottage Journal published by Hoffman Media.  It is available now at Barnes & Noble, and should be at nationwide grocery stores too, through December 16th.  Infinite thanks go out to photographer Lauren Rubinstein, who scouted and shot the feature.  She made our home shine in a way it never has before! Thank you, too, to The Cottage Journal for your interest in the story, for putting us on the cover, and for the beautifully written article by Karen Callaway.

In case you are wondering, we actually shot the pictures last January!  Lauren was at our house for a Christmas party in early December, but we found out that the magazine was interested in shooting it while we were out of the country on winter break.  As I am not one to take down Christmas on the 26th, the decorations were still intact and the tree was still standing, and ALIVE upon our return after New Year's! The Cottage Journal graciously gave me an allowance to freshen up the greens, and the photos were shot mid-January. How's that for getting the most out of your holiday decor? 

A few interesting side bits on the shoot... 
The cover shot was photo-shopped to make it look more festive.  They changed the color of our chair and pillow from blue to red, and added the holly berries to the greens on the table so it would pop on the newsstand.  Another fun detail is in what turned out to be my favorite photo.  Dixie, our Golden Retriever, still loves a party and would not leave the photographers alone. Lauren, a dog-lover herself, decided to embrace the situation by putting a bow on her. There she sat, the star, all poised and pretty for the duration of the shot.

Although they ended up using seventeen images from front to back cover, a couple of AWESOME pics did not make the cut.  Here they are for you to see....

That's all, folks! If you should need help redesigning your family home, or simply decorating for the holidays, I am booking clients for October and November now.  Please email me at to discuss your needs. I am happy to help and can't wait to hear from you!

As always, I am so grateful for your readership and support. And although it's a bit early....Happy Holidays to all.


Shelly said...

Congratulations Lisa on a fabulous feature. I read through the issue yesterday and your home is truly beautiful.
All the best,

Lisa Gabrielson said...

Dear Shelly- Thanks so much for your comment and for picking up a copy! Hope to see you soon! Lisa

Victoria said...

Hi Lisa - I picked up a copy yesterday and found your blog that way. Love the
Ambiance you have created lovely yet truly cozy. Congrats on the press!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

So happy for you, Lisa! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

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