Colorful Clients

 The trend is clear: we are craving color.  I still love a neutral space with loads of texture, but the magazines are full of bright hues these days, and my clients are clearly feeling the craze.  Here are a few sneak peeks on some things I have been working on lately....

A Master Bedroom-  We did the adjacent master bath in aqua last year.  For the bedroom, we will add red and white to the mix. The walls will be planked in white boards, with colorful bedding, a striped rug, and painted vintage accents to lighten up the traditional feel of the present room. The blue shutters
on the right (or something similar) will cover the flat screen tv.

A Sitting Room/Office- This next client craved a colorful space she could call her own.  She gravitated to a lavender velvet sofa I showed her, and we built the room around that.  Silk striped drapes and framed minerals add to the feminine, luxe feel. For now, we have set the space up as her home office with a glass and chrome desk while we wait to splurge on the piece-de-resistance purple sofa.

 Her fiance's office
.... black, charcoal, and steel. No color, modern, all business.

The pic of their recent engagement in Rosemary.

Greek key embellishment on Ikea panels and desk and rug detail....

His bachelor shelves repurposed.

Some pattern I hope to add, or maybe a pop of color would be nice.

At home, I am also craving color....

A recent find.

 Vintage specs and red pants.

Blue on the patio.

One of my most treasured pieces: a ceramic table from Ceccarelli in Florence, Italy.

A couple of vintage finds for the shop.

Bring your kids to work day.

This next client wanted nothing BUT color. We did her whole condo in neutrals last year, but a move to a big house called for a more traditional, collected look with splashes of happy reds, yellows, blues and greens.

The sunroom, below. Casual slips (before pressing) and a gorgeous Turkish rug.

Andrea Costa art above the living room mantle.

Living room fabrics for upholstery, pillows, and drapes.

The kitchen with green herringbone custom slips and Fioretto sprout custom window treatments.

A portrait of her great-great-great grandmother in the dining room.

Dining room rug. 

These fabrics on the antique Baker dining chairs.

 Antique French prints on the dining room wall.

Turkish rugs in every room.

In one of the guest rooms we did a ticking headboard with brass tacks and toile pillows. 

Entrance to their secret garden. There is so much more to share, but we are moving in stages, and I don't have pictures of everything. I promise I will reveal more as we move along.

Shifting gears, this next client is a darling 18 year old on her way to college.  She and her mom had already shopped, but needed help pulling things together before they depart. She loves a bohemian vibe, so we went with the Anthro look, to be perfected in the coming weeks.

 Vintage LP covers and signs for her dorm room gallery wall.  The mix of pretty dishes came from her mom's stash in the basement.
 Living room chevron and color on the left, and bedroom calm in aqua.  We are making luxurious silk drapes from a bolt her mom had in the basement (I love a fabric hoarder:) and will add a capiz chandelier and other accents in white and silver. What a LUCKY girl!!

Hope your Father's Day weekend was fun. We loved ours, with a family hike around Lake Lanier and yummy dinner at home.



sjr said...

Love Andrea Costa's art! The dining room rug is divine and I love the fabrics for the living room in the 2nd client's project. Can't wait for the big reveals! Sarah


Your busy to see all of your projects come to life!!

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